Shooting from my heart!

At a very early age I was totally inspired by my father who was a professional photographer and the proprietor of Omni Studio in Pondicherry. 

When I first stepped into my father's studio at the age of nine, I recall standing on a high chair and looking through the viewfinder. 

This was soon followed by the magic of watching the image appear from under that warm flowing liquid of the developer. 

I probably decided from that moment, to become a photographer. 

I would do anything and make any excuse to be in the studio; sweeping floors, cutting prints, clean trays and handing over prints to the customers. 

I later enrolled for a course in Loyola College at Chennai to study ‘Visual Communication’, followed by few years working as an assistant with

renowned photographers Iqbal K Mohamed and Satyajit. I also completed a full-time Photography course at Light & Life Academy, Ooty.  

My ability to transform an ‘everyday look’ to a beautiful and glamorous work of art is what drives my passion for photography and

allows me to shoot from my heart . . .

Sathish kumar raju .D


A few iconic brands that we were associated with include Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, TVS Motors and Eicher Motors